Video SEO – sitemap generator

Video SEO – sitemap generator. What is so important about it? For a website owner? Please allow me to talk about a few important points to start with. These are often overlooked by many people like you and me. On the second part of my discussion here I am going to address “why do you need to know about Video SEO – sitemap generator”.

This article is written to address all those “boys and girls” who know how to click through on a website and don’t know how to build one. It is written with one goal in mind – explain “why” you as a website owner should care about Video SEO – sitemap generator. If you are contemplating an idea of having or building a website – this information can be very helpful.

Video SEO – sitemap generator

If you already know it all – look at the last paragraph – where I explain why Video SEO sitemap generator we have (created) is better to compare to the one you already might have. However, if you think you better learn why you do need to know what Video SEO sitemap generator is and what is so important about it– carry on reading.

Let’s start with a “sitemap”. Your webmaster initially submits it once your new site is build to search engines (like Google or Bing). Subsequently, the site shows to the robots (as often as they come) a report about your website.

Imagine, it is like if your website reports: – “here you go (!) rRrobot – these are the things I have in my domain(!)”. A sitemap tells the robots everything about your website. All about the pages, and metadata and it is designed to help the robots to crawl it.

Google says use Video SEO – sitemap generator

Here you can read what Google says about a sitemap.

Surely all those bots (crawling robots) can check everything themselves even without the sitemap. Still, it is a good idea to have a sitemap only due to the fact that with a sitemap they crawl your site faster.

The metadata on/or about your website changes every time you write something new. Add something or delete, every time the sitemap plugin fires a request to search engines to get a bot to check the site.

Note: This is why many IT guys talk about updates and about the usefulness of the information on your website.

By now (2016), you already know about the importance of videos on your website. Your website full of them (hopefully) – this is when the “matter” (Video SEO – sitemap generator) becomes extremely useful.

Video SEO – sitemap generator helps with Ranking

The information you have on your website is useful and unique. Your website goes up in ranks- read gets to the first page of the search engine. (Often this referred as the first page of Google). In my opinion to get to the first page of Bing or Yandex is as much important.

Now a couple of words about technical details:

The sitemap of your website is an XML file that lists all URLs your site has. It also provides all the information about external & internal links your website has including pages linking to YouTube or Wistia for the same matter.

Well, if you only have four pages – you can get away without one. If your website does not have any video – you simply do not need it. Let me repeat it again – just to be clear – if your Financial services or Insurance website due to some unknown reason does not have loads of videos you do not need a Video SEO – sitemap generator.

However, if your website has a significant number of pages and many of them have videos –  a Video SEO – sitemap generator is a must.

I hope I made myself really clear – if you want to generate leads from your website – you must have videos on your website.

Now the second and the most important part.

I assume since you read the whole article and now know what our Video SEO – sitemap generator is, what it does and how it works. It is time for you as the website owner to read about the importance of it.

What is so important about Video SEO – sitemap generator?

It generates a sitemap of all your videos in accordance to the written articles. It makes the bots work easier by helping them to crawl your site faster.

Hopefully, your website is built on WordPress and I strongly recommend it. Your IT technician would install a sitemap plugin or at least he or she should have installed it. If you are not sure – and want to check what sort of a sitemap generator plugin your site has – we can check it for you- just let us know.

Let’s say your website has two hundred pages and it is a “work in progress”. You add or delete something and you change a few things on weekly basis. Our plugin will invisibly help your site to rank better. Yet it will make it slightly slower.

Our plugin is written (it is basically a piece of code) for WordPress sites.  Wordpress platform is free and we fully support it. We will provide our Video SEO – sitemap generator plugin FREE and only charge for service we provide. Read it again: you are going to get a Video SEO – sitemap generator plugin free of charge. You only pay for out technician’s time.

Want to make sure your website has most reliable Video SEO? To get our sitemap generator plugin please complete the form below.  Once we receive your request we will arrange our technician to install it for you.