Video Marketing

Video marketing – the best method

By 2017 you already know about the importance of video marketing on YouTube and as well as on other platforms. This article is going to show you “how to” USE video marketing on YouTube almost for free. Or without spending many dollars yet targeting only the clients YOUR business wants to serve. Some of our clients even ask us – is it legal and the answer is –YES it is. We build the tool using YouTube API.

We call this method –“Black Magic”.

What is so important about YouTube video marketing and why you should take advantage of it? The first part is simple COST. The cost of a single engagement – there is literally no another platform which allows you to have:

  1. Presents;
  2. Deliver your message in the first few seconds for FREE;
  3. Retarget to those viewers who had watched your video;
  4. If your videos are good – you have subscribers and your subscribers get notify about your new upload. Think for a second here – which media you know of does the same?

Why YouTube?

The only other platform worth mentioning which can help you to attract your clients with video marketing is Facebook. At Clickstosale we love Facebook but the video advertising platform is too costly sorry Facebook.

Yes, if this article “Video Marketing -the Best Method” was written back in 2014… I would say just go with Facebook. The cost of video marketing on the platform is dirt cheap – so take the advantage… But it is 2017 and cost of video views on Facebook will make you cry. 

Not to mention that your Facebook video views start without sound and very high percentage of views you pay for is literally only due to someone browsing through the news feed.

There is only one method to use video marketing on Facebook which can be yet affordable – is to show the video only to your “Friends” and ask them to share – yet too many it would look “cheesy”.

Every day we are bombarded with marketing messages.

Video marketing is the cheapest available option

As the business, you want to pay for your advertising as little as possible with a massive response. Surely – you want to get leads and preferably almost for free. Stop here and we would like you to think about this – do you need awareness for your business or do you need sales?

In our view awareness is good for BIG brands yet all others must have sales to keep the fire of being in business going.

All marketing should have a correlation between dollars you spend on marketing activities and a number of sales linked to different advertising channels.  We do hope that you are treating your advertising as an investment. If you are treating your advertising expense as the investment, therefore, each good investment should produce the return. Our “Black Magic” method guarantees low investment and high return for your business.

It is time now to look how we can help YOU to use your YouTube videos to the maximum ROI with minimum expense- Let me now lift the veil and talk about “Black Magic” method.

Say – you do have a few videos on YouTube and you want to show the videos to your prospective clients. The videos you have proved to be good and there is no doubt that the videos convert views into leads. So far sounds like a plan right?

“An audience” or the art of   – know your clients

You as the business owner know your “desired” clients. For instance, your business wants to “talk” to “Tradespeople” let say you offer them accounting services or you are an insurance agency owner and want to offer Liability insurance or other types of insurance products.

You see what is important here – you know

1) The desired audience for your business – Tradespeople example builders, electricians, and roofers.

2) The products your prospective clientele need or even already using but yet not with you as the service provider.

It does not really matter what you offer as long as you can clearly identify the above and PLUS their interest.  Interest in marketing is crucial let us show what we mean by that:

Imagine that you are an accountant who works in Coomera 4209 (not far from Brisbane, Australia) and you want to address your videos to all those Kiwi builders who live in the area. I specifically use this area – it is full of Kiwis (People who have come to Australia from New Zealand).

New Zealanders love RUGBY – this is their national sport. (I do know that rugby popular in many other countries). The most important part here is to understand that all those Kiwi men have a very common interest “RUGBY” and it is easy to use on YouTube.

Using our “Black Magic” tool we search for all the Rugby related videos popular in New Zealand and we link your videos to be shown in Coomera 4209. Sounds like a very simple exercise – trust me you would not want to do it manually – it would take hundreds of hours and yet with our tool, we can deliver your customized solution in a day.

How make your YouTube advertising even more powerful?

We would recommend you to put a few retargeting banners on Google and Bing with clearly sticking out messages. Like the illustration below. 

How to address builders in SMM

Social Media Marketing allows you to communicate your message with the desired audience

The majority of Kiwi builders who live in the area watch their favorite YouTube channels and videos and interviews with their favorite players about Rugby using our method each and every video will show the viewers YOUR VIDEO – would you agree that in one month each and every desired prospect would think that your business is everywhere?  This is what our clients call “Black Magic” by using In-stream placements ads.

The real magic is that the above campaign will be very affordable and high converting. Exactly what we discussed above – each and every business owner wants to spend as little as possible on advertising and yet have the highest return on investment.

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