Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing… Do YOU use it for your business? If you already use Social Media Marketing this is simply GREAT – right? Sad reality is… – most businesses DON’T …for variety of reasons… What is your excuse?

Look at the bottom of this article to see service proposition.

Two questions here:

Firstly: How many social media platforms do you use personally?

Yes – personally- let’s say you “check in” what’s your daughter doing in London or your son’s adventure in Thailand. Or you watch a BMX competition your grandson was participating in … You see where this is going- right? Facebook or YouTube or Instagram…

Secondly: How many social media platforms do you use as your selling platforms?

Please allow us to share a few numbers before we talk business…


9 Social Media Marketing very important NUMBERS to know

  1. By the end of 2016, 78 percent of the United States population had a social networking profile. (Statistica) If you are not fully convinced with this number think about local newspaper – what do you think how many people keep active subscriptions?
  2. Social media saturation worldwide is rapidly growing with fuel provided by India and yet China. By the end of 2016 whopping 68.3 percent of internet users were social media users (Statistica). Just think about it- almost 70% of all users are hooked in one way or another to Social Media platforms. Yes, you could say- “China and India – so what? My firm is in Brisbane, Australia and this where I want to attract clients” – all those people HAVE families- who can learn about your firm. More on this topic later.
  3. Now we are getting to the nitty gritty of our agenda “Social Media marketing”. 79% of the Internet users use Facebook (Pew Research). This is in itself a staggering number – right? You know what is even more interesting? All those “boys and girls” on Facebook are GETTING older… unfortunately for you, as the business owner yet if you target your desired audience in the right way – it can be gold.

    Social Media Marketing advertising expenses

  4. Media Media Marketing Gold
    Real Golden results from right use of Social Media Marketing campaigns

    When you think “social media marketing advertising expenses” – do you allocate your advertising dollars in accordance of platform’s importance to your prospective clients? Here is an example of the spread:
    Teens and youngsters (aged 12-24) are nowON

    Surely – you could say “Oh dear my business needs to attract older people- we do not need twenty years old ones”

    Really? Think about a situation in your past when your kids have influenced your next “buying decision” an iPad for example or a bike or even those running shoes – all of it comes down to the “Message”. How crafty is your message on your website? Do you have “Buy” button or a lead magnet?  An interesting fact to proof the point: 84% of CEOs and VPs acknowledge use of social media to help to make purchasing decisions. (Lenati) Who would have thought that – right?

                                  Instagram for your insurance agency

  5. 32% of internet users (28% of all U.S. adults) use Instagram (Pew Research) What about your business? Do you monetize the platform? Again talking about an insurance brokerage marketing in Brisbane – “you say I want to address people in Brisbane” What if you create an Instagram account to post claims situation (say photos of wreckages)  to educate people about claim’s experience? Think something useful for your prospective clients and don’t forget we are already living in a big global village.
  6. According to Reddit every sixty seconds their users cast more than 18,000 votes – this equates to 300 votes in one second – think about this – by the time you finish reading this paragraph –Reddit gets 300 votes.
  7. Guinness world records 2017 book cover
    Guinness world records 2017

    Vine users play more than one million videos in 1 minute (DR4WARD) Think about how many of those videos are talking about your business. If you are thinking about – “Oh mate, my business is not that exciting…”Really? How about you check “Guinness World Records 2017”

    Are you crazy? No, I just need a photo 🙂 Or a video

    People do crazy things just to get attention – sponsor someone. Good example “Red Bull” with more than 5,6 million of subscribers and 6131 videos (at the time of writing).

    Red Bull Communicate with your audience Social media Marketing
    Red Bull YouTube channel screenshot
  8. Snapchat users share nearly 285,000 snaps (DR4WARD) People use this platform for a variety of reasons and “chatting” is only one of them.
  9. Finally-52% of marketers say Facebook is “the most important social network they use to grow and market their business

STANDOUT SMM How hard is that?

Many financial services businesses use social media marketing in some form or another and those efforts are expected to continue to increase even more. Many agencies or practices owners and top executives find the business value of social media marketing difficult to quantify. Let’s look at some statistics for insight:

34% of small businesses have no social media presence at all, and 36% of those who do never respond to customer comments online.

(Direct Marketing)

Think about it – almost four out of every ten business owners do not even know how to address it or do not use it at all.

Developing a social media strategy is a common challenge among small businesses (55%) to compare to large enterprises (34%) while securing enough internal resources is a more common problem for larger companies (47%) than in small businesses (33%). (Simply Measured) This is clearly where we see us to help you out.

46% of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their business.


Would you want to know why?

We say – the answer is simple – nobody even bothered to put measures in place. Our response – use Google Analytics for it and then every dollar you spent online will be counted.

60% of marketers identify “measuring ROI” as one of their top three social media marketing challenges.

These are followed by closely related challenges “linking social media activities to business outcomes” (50%) and “developing “our” social media strategy” (48%). (Simply Measured)

Only 14% of social media marketers link social media to sales.

Need a custom build SALES funnel for your business? (Complete now)

Google Review screen shot
Google Reviews allow the visitor to see “Real value” of doing business with you

Let us provide you with a real life example but this time we slightly change the landscape- just a bit: Say your business sells something ( was selling insurance in Auckland, New Zealand) – you see what we are doing here – we are talking about your business linking it to the real life example.

An increase in sales

If you see an increase in sales due to Social Media Marketing activity would that be a measurable result? For it was – the company was actively participating in conversations with overseas property owners and sales were rapidly growing. Social Media marketing provided with an ability to talk to all those property owners from overseas.

The point here is: Addressing right audience with a right product and engineered sales process.

  • Audience: Overseas property owners
  • Product: Landlord Insurance
  • Engineered sales process

How to quantify social media marketing value?

  1. What is the goal for your channel? Do you have accountability measures in place? How do you measure “Before and After”?
  2. Engagement: How engaging is your channel? Do you track “engagement vs sales”  Consider this stat: 80% of marketers identifying “Engagement” as one of the top three metrics followed by Audience size (61%) and website traffic  being only(56%) (Simply Measured)

A) Do you address the right audience? Think about it as “Right tools” If you were going for a fishing trip – would you take “right tools”?

B) Is the information you publish useful for your customers? Let’s look at “useful”: Informative- “know how” or “Funny” (Forget “branding”… leave it to Coca-Cola …)

Social media Marketing Tools
Right Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing there is LIGHT at the end

Agents of CHANGE: 74% of salespeople who beat their 2014 quota by 10% or more say they have an excellent understanding of the use of social media for prospecting, nurturing relationships and closing deals. They were over 6x as likely to exceed their quota than sales peers with rudimentary or no social media skills. (Forbes)

What about your agency or your business? Have you ever thought about social media marketing structure?  Meaning is it only one website or a few to address different products? For instance:

Your insurance agency is based in Brisbane, Australia and you want to address three different products:

  • Farm Insurance
  • Public liability for builders
  • Professional indemnity for Home inspectors

What is better for your business to address all of the above on one website? Or to have three different websites? Clearly, from a marketing point of view, the second option is better but do you have enough resources? Resources meaning people, money, desire to see all the products being advertised through different channels.

Double or not to double

Double the budget: The part of marketing budgets allocated to social media marketing by businesses is expected at least double over the next five years, from 11% today to 24% by 2020. (The CMO Survey) This means if you have different websites and those websites generate a healthy amount of leads for your business– you better have separate social media profiles for all of them.

Increase revenue: Social media advertising revenue will reach $9.8 billion in 2016. (Link Humans)

Outsource social media marketing 22% of social media marketing activities are performed by outside agencies. (The CMO Survey) This simply means that you are left to do your magic and will do their part

Right audience:  33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses.(MarketingSherpa) Our view – you always have to think about content where your company is advertised.

Look at the screen

is it right place for the message?
Do you pay attention of where your message is shown?

shot – would you agree it wasn’t right placement for superfund ad yet – the marketing manager was simply putting the ad on YouTube. We say – place your ad in front of right content and for YouTube, we at have a special tool – read here how what we can do to market your video better.

5 steps to Social Media Marketing triumph

This is what we at can offer to your business:

  1. Initial discovery – this when you complete our questionnaire and talk to us about your business.
  2. We provide you with our protocol of your desired outcomes.
  3. We develop your Social Media Marketing plan. This document is designed to outline products and offerings (USP), channels, goals and measured results and step by step guide in case you decide to use your internal resources.
  4. We can do it for you or you are welcome to try DIY follow our step by step guide.
  5. Results review. Measurable results help your company management to understand where and how to spend advertising dollar.

Now let’s discuss the above in details:

Each business is unique and this is why here we are not going to discuss the first and the second points. Yet we want to know your business, your future goals, and your past achievements.

Social Media Marketing plan for your business is a road map to success. This is, in fact, a map which will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Implementation; – it is all about execution – this is the part where everyone works on the common goal.

Review – this is when we perform checks and measure achieved success. We think it should be about sales and actual revenue yet many businesses measure success differently: some want “likes” others “presence or even shares.

An example of Social Media Marketing collaboration

Allow us to provide you with a hypothetical situation:

A Brisbane based insurance agency approached us to help them with Social Media Marketing.

It was agreed that the agency keeps their existing website (at least for now) in order to “taste the waters”. The agency also wants to play an active role in the implementation process and we agree that we are going to join our forces. We have to prepare all illustrations, create implementation schedule and the agency would monitor the campaign.

How to address builders in SMM
Social Media Marketing allows you to communicate your message with the desired audience

Our plan:

  1. Create three leads generating pages on the existing insurance agency’ website. Three due to the fact that the agency wants to market to three different audiences. (Accountants, Builders and shop owners). Linking the pages to Google Analytics and Yandex.
  2. Create a remarketing campaign to “remind” about the agency to all the pages visitors. “Remarketing” to a degree is the cheapest traffic source.
SMM for business owners
Social Media Marketing for business owners

We create two profiles:

  1. Allows us to communicate the agency values and product offering. Secondary to address older audience through YouTube advertising. Four videos to create and upload to the platform. We link videos to lawyers, accountants, builders and to local food channels using our YouTube marketing tool.
  2. Nine audiences to create – to ensure that we have the right people to talk to. (Ask us later why nine audiences). Three weekly advertised posts with a variety of visuals and products discussions during the first six months.
  3. Facebook posts – there are here to drive specialized traffic. Posts with A/B tests to ensure the agency website receives “active traffic”. Active traffic, in this case, means – visitors who buy the agency policies. Testing here means – ages, gender, clickable illustrations.

Results stocktaking

Due to the linked Google Analytics we learn:

  • A number of calls
  • A number of quotes due to the campaign.

Facebook is about visual – the platform clearly instructs you each and every illustration should have a specific % of the text.

3 Humongous advantages Social Media Marketing provides

A picture worth a thousand words

Each illustration should communicate your audience, your product and bring in emotions. Look at the example below- the illustration is designed to address at least three audiences:

  • Make a new or existing boat owner think about the importance of boat insurance.
  • Insurance agents to make them think about “valuable advice” or about necessity of reviews of current insurance policies
  • Crane company- liability insurance
  • Goods in transit
SMM Insurance

Insurance Social Media Marketing

The following example is about an accountant – we want to make sure we communicate as above:

  1. Audience
  2. Product
  3. Emotions
Social Media Marketing insurance products

Insurance for accountants Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing ready?

If you think your business needs help please get in touch by completing our questionnaire.