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SEO Site analysis why do you need to know about it as a business owner? Simple answer: – to check your competition. That’s right – to SPY on your competition even… if you want.

Now, please let us explain: if you do not need to spy on your competition that is fine… but let’s look at it from the sport’ point of view – is there a sport where you can have two the best athletes or two or even three the seconds… you got the picture – right? I mean if you want your business to thrive it MUST be NUMBER ONE. At we help you to became the number one.

How do you make your business THE number one?

Well that is relatively simple (same like in sport):

  • You make a decision that this is exactly what you want to achieve
  • You hire a coach. (Better be someone who had done it himself)
  • You do your routine – day in day out.

Now, allow us to bring you back to the reality of your ONLINE marketing…

How can you KNOW that your business is number one or yet needs a bit more training?

The answer is really simple – you benchmark your business – you simply compare your business with others. Exactly the same is done by all those girls and boys – they bench themselves with others…they swim, they run or jump – it does not really matter what they do – there is always ONE who is better than others – the others are the seconds and the thirds…Where do you want to be with your business? If you want to be number one – we want to talk to you.

Would you WANT your business be the leader or you are happy with the page eight at the bottom- yes you are right there are a lot more people (read businesses) at the bottom of the search …sorry most of the time they do not get any business and complain about:

Bad economy…Bad consumer judgment…Price…(this is the favorite -Would you agree low prices drive a bad business out of business FASTER.)

Price is the one what gets us the most – what about you? Have you ever seen a person who drives a Porsche being not happy about THE price of the car she or he drives?

You get the point right? Most of the time successful people do not complain about their success. There is an old wisdom: want to be a great sports person (?) – train yourself to become one and let’s agree usually it means looking at others and learn their mistakes in order to avoid the costlier ones – yours.

Now, let’s talk about how SEO Site analysis can help you…

Watch the video – the video is going to show how to check a few businesses – well.. by saying businesses – how to check their online performance(websites). Some of them even have great results (businesses) but – it can surely be better. The problem those businesses have – most of them do not even know that they DO have a problem and they CAN change it.

Free SEO Site Analysis

What SEO Site analysis data tells you

A “Title” of the page. All pages on your website must have titles. Check it – if some of them do not – these is where you start (yesterday).

A Primary Keyword. Obviously, if you are a “Financial Planner in Brisbane” – this would be the word you are after. Even better if the keyword describes the problem your client is looking to solve.

Secondary Keyword – this can be the second keyword you are after or your company’ (Brand) name.

Domain Authority (DA) in this graph shows a prediction for how this particular website performs in search engine rankings. Use (DA) as the main indicator when you benchmark your site (or the site you are keeping an eye on) to another or tracking the “strength” of the website during of a period of time.

As you can see from the screen shot below – there are three sites in comparison.

There is only one of them with a page title – two others do not have them. The point here is- if your site does not have it (yet) it is not the end of the world, it only means that you have to make the changes – sooner is better. Especially, this becomes valuable if you advertise your website (or your services).

Get your report now and please come back in a month –schedule it in your calendar and repeat the process, obviously if you have done something – you might see changes. SEO is not an overnight success. It is all about hard and persistent work.

Please share this article with others – so that information gets shared. By sharing this information you help others and as we all know – “givers gain”.

Please get in touch if you want fast & measurable results- helps to convert your website & your digital channels into money making machines.

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