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What is the difference between a typical website and your New-Results Orientated Custom Made Unique Landing Page? A typical website even with a huge traffic occasionally converts visitors into clients.

On a typical website visitors come, browse and leave. Surely some of them comeback, yet it happens occasionally and often due to very costly targeted remarketing campaigns. They come again and leave again without any results for the business, leaving you (the business owner) wonder thinking “what is wrong with my business?”…Sounds familiar?

We come across this type of scenarios very often and to tell you the truth – we had experienced it ourselves back in the days…only to understand that visitors behaviour has nothing to do with the business. 99,9% Visitors leave due to a badly formulated offer. What your website visitors do on your website depends only on the website content and nothing else.

What is wrong with your website and how to fix it?

On one hand your website should introduce your business, demonstrate the products or services your offer. On the other hand this is your real estate, this is like your office or your factory or even your shop- where people can come to check what is available and leave without buying any of your products.

Think about this example:  when you walk into a shop and leave the shop without any purchases – does it mean the shop is bad or does this simply mean – that you didn’t find something you like or to make it even more interesting – the item you liked didn’t fit.

What about your website? Do visitors come and buy or leave without any purchases? If they do actually buy this is a good sign – it just simply means that we can work on how to increase your traffic (Look at our AdWords Page). If however they don’t’ buy this is only due to the fact that your website needs a facelift and relatively a modest amount of money can fix it. Please complete the form below to order a FREE of charge Website AUDIT.

Please download our list of 7 Must have attraction points

  1. A Website Sales Page needs to be designed to demonstrate and subsequently sell a product.
  2. A Website Services Sales Page needs to be designed to explain the benefits of the service and to stimulate completion of an appointment form.
  3. A Subscription Page needs to be designed to collect contact details and obtain a permission to contact later.
  4.  A Registration Page needs to be designed to collect contact details of attendees and subsequently redirect to a payment collection portal.
  5. A Request Page needs to be designed to warm up the audience by providing something for free and to redirect to a product page.
  6. A Downloadable Page needs to be designed to assure the visitor that the information is free and harmless.
  7. An Affiliation Page needs to be designed to convince visitors to became affiliates by demonstrating profit or feeling of belonging.

Please make my New-Results Orientated Custom Made Unique Landing Page

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