The only Insurance sales funnel structure lures clients

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This article is going to address a general insurance sales funnel. If you are in Life business please look at this article which discusses life insurance sales funnel.

Why your insurance agency must have at least one insurance sales funnel?

If you are so jolly happy in your insurance business to the point that you do not know the answer to this question – congratulations. For all of us who do in fact sell insurance for living the answer is pretty simple – an insurance sales funnel generates leads.

Leads get converted into sales. This is exactly what you want. Ideally, all insurance sales funnels must be re-engineered. Re-engendered meaning you take the desired outcome your audience must achieve and construct insurance sales funnel starting from the outcome upwards.

To start, let’s look at how we at construct an insurance sales funnel (you are welcome to download our template for your DIY project):

11 points every Insurance sales funnel must have

  1. A MAGNET. 99.9% is a catchy image, typically addresses a desire or a problem a prospect might have. This can be a Facebook post illustration or AdWords display ad on search engines networks.

“Desire” usually something free and useful.  Can be a comparison document – where you compare for instance house insurances on the market. To make it even better you can drill down to a specific house insurance market for instance “House insurance for rental properties” targeting landlords.

“A Problem” this option lure in clients by truckloads. The reason for it is simple – it addresses a problem a prospect has, for instance, one of the biggest problems Landlords have is worrying about amphetamine use in their rental property.

Insurance sales funnel discussing Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance helps landlords

This one can be a comparison chart which compares available on the market insurance policies addressing amphetamine use. Ask yourself if you are a property investor would you appreciate a FREE Comparison Chart addressing biggest landlords’ problems? Surely you would and this is why it is so POWERFUL.

1A) A discount to prompt a prospect to take the offer today. This is simple – you offer something to the prospect in addition to the product. Preferably, something extremely useful and yet applicable. For instance “Amphetamine test set”. This can be a set of amphetamine tests a landlord can use to monitor an investment property. The motto here is – it is free, it a valuable and comes on the top of the best policy on the market.

Alternatively, it can be a service provided by a third party. This is good due to the fact that it not administered by your agency and most likely free for you. This can be very bad due to the fact that you are leaving your already clients (new) with services provided by the third party.  If something goes bad it can reflect on your agency.

2) A “Resource”. This is your insurance agency website page addressing either a desire or a problem. It should be an evergreen piece of information. You need to think about how to make the landing page being a very valuable piece of information to trigger search engine algorithms.

3) A “Pixel “from Google, Facebook, Bing or even any other third party advertising platform to use with remarketing campaigns. Pixels help to tag your website visitors. Once the visitor is “marked” you would be able to show the next and next and next piece of your insurance ad. Look at this page to learn Facebook pixel implementation.

4) Email list. Your email list is an extremely valuable asset. It allows you to organise emails blasts as long as people happy to hear from you. Most importantly it allows you to construct specific audiences on Facebook and even look-alike audiences.

5) Sing-up form 1. There many opinions about a sign-up form. Some experts recommend the form to be “prominent” (hard to miss).

6) A remarketing magnet. This piece is a very important part of an Insurance sales funnel structure. It has to trigger additional attention-getting senses and yet be relevant. It must provoke curiosity.

6A) A bigger discount to compare to the initial from the point 1A. This discount is to prompt a prospect to take the offer today with extensive benefits. This step should melt all if any yet left doubt from a reader’s mind.

7) The resource 2. You have most likely heard of 8ight points of touch you as an insurance agency must make before someone would even consider your offer. This step is about providing a second viewpoint on the initial point. If for instance, the first article was discussing potential problems a landlord might have due to amphetamines then the second resource can be about hidden damage.

8) Sign-up form 2. We at tend to measure everything. You must have different sign-up forms on your website. After a while you would be able to separate the once which do bring results from the ones which do not.

9) Push notifications. This is a gem. If you look after your website and strike to provide your clients with valuable and useful information – this option of your website would allow you to be in front of your clients without becoming a spammer. Push notifications in the insurance sales funnel structure work in the following way: let’s say your prospect visited your site a few times in the last couple of months and did not buy anything yet. When she or he was visiting your website a Pop-up asked her or him about “would you want to receive “Push notifications from us?” – Since not many website owners yet using if the person agrees – that person starts to get notifications about updates on your website.

10) A video addressing a problem or a desire your prospective client wants to sort. You want to check this article about how to use videos.

11) A retargeting insurance sales funnel. You know that there is literally no person who has only one type of insurance. This is an insurance sales funnel on its own. This funnel addresses all those people who have purchased for instance a landlord property insurance yet did not buy a business insurance yet.

Insurance sales funnel "Are you insured"?

Are you insured is a part of an insurance sales funnel

In the past, an insurance sales funnel could be ugly 

Twenty years ago you could say “Our Big Fat Insurance Company” offers the best house insurance solely relying on the insurance company’ brand. YET have a market share with such an ugly offer. In today’s sophisticated market the insurance company’s offer must be a lot more compelling. WE do hope you find this useful.

There is something else to discuss. There are many insurance agencies owners out there who complain about clients not being interested in receiving “agency newsletter”. If your agency emails or post newsletters to clients we recommend three steps to implement:

  • Make your newsletter useful to keep. Think about the content you are going to put in – no one likes to receive rubbish (even you). If your newsletter is about general information – you better re-think your contents strategy.
  • Always include a magnet in your newsletter. Make the reader come to your website to get something else. Monitor direct visits if you post your newsletter or use a trackable link to know who that person is.
  • Make your newsletter about your clients. Everyone appreciate an opportunity – start to provide one.





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100 Facebook Posts

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P.S. Insurance sales funnel structure was created with you in mind and if your agency needs help to organise sales Insurance sales funnels please complete the form below. Make use of our Insurance sales funnel structure PDF – download it. Make sure you are going to use it.