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Implement sales process for each product: an overview

Implement sales process for each insurance product on your financial services website. Once you do that your online visitors will LOVE you unconditionally. What happens when people like businesses? They buy products or respond to businesses funnels.

Most advanced marketing departments for well-known businesses create tribes.  Look at Apple – the company has an army of devoted followers. You can try to achieve similar results by teaching the benefits of the products.  By creating an instant “click” between the product and the customer your agency is going to win and customers will form a pack of supporters with referral superpower.

There are not many examples to present about a successful tribe building by an insurance company. Yet there is a great example of Rabobank product offering. Their story in New Zealand, Australia and the USA is fascinating. In the States, for example, the company only concentrates on the top 2% of American farmers, by offering finance solution biggest gain comes from insurance products.

Even big "boys" Implement sales process

Rabo AgriFinance Implement sales process

Easy start to implement sales process for each insurance product

Put customer first. We mean it. Take a product your agency earns the most profit from. This would allow you to get instant results. By harvesting low hanging fruits you go into bringing in sales easily. Later in this article, we are going to show how to get it done.

Your website should introduce stories your potential customers can relate to. Better when you provide a story your potential client can link to finding themselves as the story hero. Surely there is some copywriting process will apply but this is where comes in and helps.

Illustrations are one of the most important parts of your “relation building” exercise. Think about each page on your website as a standalone story with supporting illustrations. Would you agree in each book you check pictures and illustrations first? The Same logic applies here – people do not really read these days yet they scan and a good looking relatable to the topic illustration helps to build the BRIDGE between your prospective customer’s mind and the product you are offering as a solution to potential problems.

Implement sales process "The bridge"

The bridge between your business and your client

Put client first and profit second

Think in terms of “life-time-value” (LTV). This is big. Let us start with an example: Think of an insurance agency with the full stack of insurance products… The agency starts with coffee-shops owner’s liability products then follows with business interruption insurance offer followed by rental (landlord) insurance. Is sound too good to think about? In fact, this is easy to implement funnel keep reading to get to “know-how”.

In this article, we are going to analyse Australian online insurance search market. The data for this article was prepared in January 2017. Our desired outcome is to show to our readers (you especially) how to address clients’ needs and wants. And yes, we want you to become our client- is it too much to ask?

Address clients’ needs and wants on your agency website

In the United States, there are many well-known financial advisers. Most of them have built their fame by providing to customers what they want. For some of their clients, it was security for others higher return on investment. Want to know more about best-known financial advisers in the USA? Click this link – yet some of them are not so good.

There are plenty of sources to rank a financial adviser in Australia. Many do look “dated” with posts from 2013, which is confusing and looks like there are not many advisers since that date who meet the definition of “most known”. Yet we think that the best vote you as an adviser can get is your number of sales. This post is about how to implement sales process for each product on your financial services website.

Put the customer on the Pedestal

Think about your visitor first. The visitor of your website is looking for a solution, yet judging you and your business. The judgement of your potential visitor is attracted to how things are done on your website.

We really have to ask you a couple of questions here – in Australia, if you drive the latest Mercedes and show it off on your website – do you really think this somehow helps you to build a relationship with your potential client?

Or if you say – you are a devoted golf player- would this fact help your client to find out how to get insurance for her childcare business? Do you really think that SHE does give a cookie about YOUR golf?

Golf & Implement sales process

Implement sales process if you want to keep playing

In the process, your website visitor goes through – your agency website reflects on your business. If your website looks unattended or full of useless information- your visitor is going to click away- to look for someone who actually means BUSINESS.

How many clicks away is THE “buy” a policy on your website?

Literally, have you ever asked someone to go on your agency website and buy a policy? Does your insurance agency website provide an option to type all information about client’ business and receive a quote and subsequently a phone call to complete sales process or arrange a time for a meeting?

This should be easy to implement. Refer to this post is about how to structure leads generating page for your insurance agency website.

“Statement of Advice”

If by now you are thinking about a “Statement of Advice” for each client who buys a policy from you -(we get it – you are right). It is time to discuss a few other things. There is a story we want to share with you. Just a few days ago the author of this article was shopping in Bunnings for a lawn mower. As usual a typical bloke’ exercise- I was looking at different models comparing cost, capacity and warranty periods… then the words of wisdom came from my spouse “why don’t you want to check all lawn mowers online and then decide which one to buy”.

The moral of the story is simple –while standing and going through a mental exercise what to buy (yet possibly pretending to be extremely smart about lawn mowers- in fact I know nothing about them) I was rather quickly brought back to my reality and recommended something which was valuable to me and to my wife even I suspect she had enough of looking at me making my brain waves to go through a very hard exercise.

Your JOB

Your job as the agency or practice owner is to make your website a well of helpful information. The information on your website must be methodically sorted and linked through. The website should be the true reflection of you and your agency it should be personal and engaging.  Read it again “should be personal and engaging” FOR YOUR PROSPECTIVE CLIENT. (And it has nothing to do with you – it is all about the visitor).

Your website is about how you can take the visitor by his or her hand and show how your products take away all potential problems. Comprehend this – your agency website MUST make a prospective client to “click” to feel “AHA” moment and by showing a relative story explain all the benefits of the product.

Online insurance shopping experience

When you visit a local shop or Amazon your shopping outcome at large is the same. Apart from you have to physically visit the shop and with the second you do it all from the comfort of your home or office. Would you agree it is much easier to exit Amazon portal without spending a dollar to compare to the local shop? Yet there is something else- look at the illustration below:

Amazon is using “other people’s opinions” by showing to you what else they bought…

Amazon screenshot Implement sales process for insurance

Amazon is possibly the best example to follow

What about your website do you use the same approach?

Always keep in mind when addressing your visitors problems- it should be a problem at a time. It is even better if your website is so full of helpful information that makes your visitors come back.

For instance, if you are shopping for a life insurance – what would YOU look for?

A cost of premiums? Excellent- address it on your website.

Financial ratings of insurance companies? Hard to imagine this one… yet – address it as well.

Create avatars of your potential clients, create a list of their potential problems and provide stories sorting their problems…

Implement sales process for each product by using keyword planner

Would you agree it always makes sense to start from obvious?

“LIFE Insurance Australia”

Look at the illustration below. This screenshot was specifically taken using Google Keywords Planner while preparing this post right at the beginning of January 2017. In Australia, we have 12,100 monthly searches in average for “Life insurance”.  Would Google show your website to your potential customer? By the way, Google suggests that the cost of one click for Google advertising is whooping $123.60

Implement sales process Life insurance Australia

Life insurance Australia

How to make your insurance search term being LOVED by Google

Simple. Think about problems your potential clients have. For instance look at the illustration below.

“Diabetes Life Insurance” 40 monthly searches. You could tell me – well that is not a lot. Possibly you are right, yet – it is more than a lead a day- FREE with a well-prepared landing page.

Implement sales process for diabetes

Implement sales process for people with diabetes

This one is hard to explain yet we think it is good to know about the fact. There are people in Australia who are actually searching for “High blood pressure insurance” The moral here is to address the search term and yes it is possibly a misspell yet there are 10 people a month like that.

Implement sales process for people who need to have a life insurance

People address their problems to Google

What you are about to see, possibly would make you roll your eyes yet there are people who look for bipolar life insurance. What we mean is – what if you became a specialist in life insurance? Tempting huh? 10 people a month and this is from Google only.


Implement sales process

People do look to solve their problems does your website help?

Implement sales process for Mortgage insurance on your agency website

Think about creating a funnel for 2,900 people searching mortgage insurance in Australia. What is really interesting here – there is literally no competition. Google suggests only $9.19 for each click. Sounds like a goog business opportunity.

Implement sales process for Mortgage insurance in Australia

Implement sales process for Mortgage insurance

Implement sales process for each product geographically

If your insurance agency specialises in general insurance the next few points can be “game changers”. Look at the illustration below. If you have branches through all Australia it makes sense for your agency to address each location in a separate article. Each article must be accompanied by a few illustrations. Think about using an animation as a lead magnet.

Implement sales process

Implement sales process for liability insurance


Implement sales process for each insurance product: for example “Business insurance” in Australia

Have you ever been told that there are 5,400 people each month searching online to buy a business insurance policy? Do you get a slice of that? Look at the illustration below to proof the point. Would you agree all those people represent businesses of different sizes for your agency? All are looking for your help.

Implement sales process BI

Implement sales process for Business insurance

 How to recipe 

There are a few things you need to get a portion of those people into the door:

  • A few problem addressing articles
  • A few decent looking illustrations to put on the pages to enhance your articles. If you have articles and want to get inspired by readymade for you please check our illustrations shop
  • Lead – this is what would actually bring clients to your page
  • Advertising campaign. Refer to the cost per click in the above illustration $18.04

If all of the above looks nerve-wracking – please use the form below to get in touch and we will be happy to assist you with our services.

Now it is time for us to see your website through the prism of your potential client. Would you agree business insurance is a pretty broad form right? Look at the title below.

Implement sales process for “Restaurant insurance”

In Australia, there are 90 people a month who look for restaurant insurance.

Implement sales process for restaurant insurance

Implement sales process for restaurant insurance

If you are not impressed yet you should this means 3 free leads a day if your site has all possible topics discussed and answered.  If however, you are ready to pay a click would only cost you $13. There is something else to keep in mind on the top of restaurant insurance Google keyword planner advises about “Bar insurance” 10 monthly searches.

Implement sales process for bar insurance

Implement sales process for bar insurance in Australia

Same type of insurance 

Plus there are 50 people who look for “Café insurance” every month. Obviously, for all those people who look for a bar, cafe & restaurant insurance it makes sense to use “specific” terms – for your agency it means the same type of policy followed by business interruption insurance. What you have to take into consideration – all the search terms above are from Google only yet there is Bing.

Cafe insurance as per keyword planner

Implement sales process for Cafe insurance

Implement sales process for “Public liability insurance”

There are 12,100 people who look for the term “Public liability insurance”– would you agree even half is going to make you mega rich. Interestingly, if you take into account your website does it look palatable enough to make people buy a “PL” policy? What about your competitors- have you ever thought about checking their website against yours? Who has a better offer?

How to Implement sales process for Public Liability insurance

Implement sales process for Public Liability insurance in Australia

The point here is- online insurance marketing in Australia is yet a baby not even a toddler. Surely, there are a few agencies who really mastered online lead generating process yet it should not stop you.


Following on the topic of Public liability insurance in Australia – there 390 monthly searches from people who look for CHEAP PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance. Think about motivating factors- why is that? What makes them look for “cheap insurance” what if a half of them paying millions? What do you think? Please let us know.

Implement sales process for Cheap PL

Implement sales process for Cheap Public liability

9,900 people are looking at their screens to sort Landlord insurance in Australia every month

Think about the opportunity it presents. Each one of them has at least two properties to insure. What is really interesting is in this segment- there are at least two search terms.

Implement sales process for rental property insurance

Obviously, without a test it is really hard to conclude – do these 140 people are looking to insure their rental property or there are in fact tenants who want to make sure that the house they live in is in fact insured.

Commercial insurance WANTED

There are 320 people in Australia looking

Implement sales process for commercial insurance

to find out information about commercial insurance. Some of them most likely either just bought a commercial property or were told to get a commercial insurance. We do not know the answer, yet Google services can help you to bring to your website people you NEED. This was a step aside reminder about Google goals- ask us about how to implement it for your website.

Would you consider hotel owners being a sophisticated bunch of well served by insurance agents? We agree, yet Google says BUT

Hotel insurance requests in Australia by Google

Hotel insurance requests in Australia

There are 50 people each month want to know more about hotel insurance. Our logic is all these girls & guys want to compare premiums they do pay with premiums they would pay. Sounds like a perfect opportunity- would you agree?

Builders in Australia want to know about Builders Public liability.

Builders insurance search terms

Just think about: 390 builders want to get Public Liability insurance MONTHLY.

Our guess all these guys want to break on their own and NEED a policy most likely “yesterday”. Alternatively, they compare premiums- yet what we know for sure – they call someone- was it your office? The point here is to remind you about “call from a website” option and we are not talking about “contact us” page.

Yet there are builders who look for the specific term “Builders Public liability”- would you agree they are actually HOT prospects.

Builders Public Liability Insurance in Australia

Interesting fact about this bunch of builders- Google knows there are HOT prospects and obviously there is a fearful competition with $20.54 per click. Yet there is a way of how to bring all these people to your website- ask us how we can do it for you.

Business interruption “The cream”

In Australia, there are 260 people who look for Business Interruption insurance monthly. WE guess all these people have heard about Business interruption insurance yet want to read about it before they either buy or decide to chuck it. Would you describe these people as people you want to hear from? We hope you do. We imagine these prospects have businesses and they do want to BE INSURED.


Implement sales process for Business Interruption insurance Australia

Implement sales process for Business Interruption insurance


Two things ARE certain in LIFE…

One way or another if you are in business you will talk to both of them…This time for us to talk about Accountants and Funeral Directors. Would you agree a majority of insurance brokers or agents would call these two groups of people extremely knowledgeable about insurance in general? This is what we think anyway- yet Google says that there are people from both groups of people who want to know more about insurance. Look at the Google keyword planner screenshots:

What if you Implement sales process for Funeral Director Insurance in Australia

What if you Implement sales process for Funeral Director Insurance?

There are 70 accountants every single month are looking for “accountant insurance” think about referrals opportunity… not to mention it also looks like if these guys are not happy with their current insurance broker. Otherwise, why would they go online to check for it? It is entirely up to you how you are going to address this information. Our suggestion is – publish a few articles on your website – to attract all these “bean counters” and make your business flourish with referrals from them. The only job for you to do is to make all accountants think about your agency every time someone mentions “insurance”.





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