Display Network advertising

What is the real reason why your next campaign is going to be better?

  1. Start from your niche competitor’s analysis – to make sure that we (You & Us) know the other players on the field. We check creatives your competitors use, banners, copy and so on.
  2. Your website goes through a very detailed audit. We provide you with our recommendations- for instance we install a monitoring service to watch how your website visitors browse through your website- what they click, download and read. You can watch this video to understand the significance of helpful information about your website visitors.
  3. We develop banners and creatives – typically a banner life is maximum 1-2 weeks subject to budget and frequency.
  4. Check or create Google Analytics
  5. Check or create Google Tag Manager
  6. Create notifications
  7. Assemble audiences
  8. Check all links we will use with our new banners
  9. Write or correct Copy and pages content.
  10. Create or check UTM
  11. Check quick links
  12. Create ads copy
  13. Create ads. Typically a few options.
  14. Test advertising budgets for new banners.
  15. Retargeting – to all visitors who have visited your website

Display Network Google & Bing Advertising Campaigns For Your Business

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