How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance by truckloads

Offer FREE Business Interruption cover to make Hundreds of thousands $$$

In your business do you offer Business Interruption Insurance for “FREE”? Below we are going to explain the method. And even show how-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance for FREE. Making hundreds of thousands $$$ in the process.

Business Interruption Insurance is one of the best leads generating policies you have at your disposal. It can attract clients by flocks. If you implement our recommendation in your marketing you will see a huge increase in business interruption insurance sales. In order for us to start – write down or note the number of Business interruption insurance policies you sell in a month.

How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance: Address the PROBLEM

One of the biggest problems majority of Insurance Agencies or Brokerages have is marketing. Many agencies once fail do not want to repeat the bitter experience. As the result, many tend to do what others do:

Cold calls.

Attend business networking meetings.

Or even other similar types of “activities”. Yet to get the same results.

There is an EASY way of How to sell Business Interruption Insurance. Or any insurance…once you know the method you will apply it all the time.

Once you ADDRESS the PROBLEM of a potential CLIENT – you start to sell. In order to generate leads think about how you can make your agency website a leads generating machine. Your agency website can provide you with FREE Unlimited Business insurance leads.

Would you want to experience a huge increase in sales of insurance products? The recipe of success is SIMPLE – start to “address the problem of your potential client” have or might have and sell the solution.

Your insurance agents have to understand: – an insurance product is a product as many others yet once it becomes a tool to resolve a problem it becomes the best seller.

Look at  offer below

Watch the video “How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance by truckloads” below to get insights:

How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance by truckloads? EASY!!!

It is hard for us to think about the industry your insurance brokerage specialises. Yet let us assure you can sell Business Interruption Insurance by truckloads using a simple strategy:

Free 6 months Business Interruption Insurance

There are a few points to agree on to start our discussion.

  • A Business Interruption Insurance policy usually is taken in addition to everything else a potential client has in the insurance portfolio- Agreed?

“To a degree” is also good enough if you hesitate.

Let us drill in: A Business Interruption Insurance policy comes on the top of Liability or Indemnity insurance, Contents Insurance and something else like vehicle insurance.

  • You can “NAME” a problem your potential clients might have and subsequently can explain the benefits of A Business Interruption Insurance policy to them.

How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance

Lead: “FREE Business Interruption Insurance

How-to market Business Interruption Insurance? When you think about problems your potential clients have – what are they?

List or think of a few.

Now next point of our little exercise. Let’s list objections a potential client can raise when you discuss Business Interruption insurance.

The biggest obviously money –right?

Nobody wants to pay for something they might never use… Sounds like insurance.

We at believe money is not an objection…if you offer it for free.

If you link money-objection-to FREE solution- you have a winner.

In any industry, with any product there is only one certain way to find out is there a demand for the product or there is none. There is only one way to find out – would your potential client want your product or not – OFFER IT FOR FREE.

Ask your prospective clients would they want to have SIX (6) months FREE Business Interruption Insurance policy?

Step by step How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance

Obviously, you have a few segments of your business interest – each and every one of them should be addressed on a separate page. What this means is- butchers have a separate page and builders have a separate page. “FREE Business Interruption Insurance policy for BUTCHERS” or “FREE Business Interruption Insurance policy for BUILDERS

  • A Pop-Up box. In order for your agency to maximise your advertising dollars create a pop-up to appear after 30 seconds on the page – the box should have two sequences:
  1. Ask for “Name” and “email”. Don’t forget to include your promise that you are not going to spam or email other types of offers.
  2. Once the name and email are obtained – ask for a mobile number. Include an alternative “Instant call to adviser” button. This would take away frustration and provide with an additional option to call. If your prospect is looking at your web page from a mobile then an option to call would be very helpful.

Now, you have at least a name and a prospect’s email. Hopefully, you have a mobile number or you already received a phone call from your prospective client.





72 Facebook Posts

36 Custom


Bing AdWords







Custom Media Plan 





100 Facebook Posts

78 Custom


Bing Adwords







Custom Media Plan 





150 Facebook Posts

108 Custom



Bing AdWords







Google AdWords



Custom Media Plan 


Media Plan

Create automatisation sequence

The pop-up box must be programmed to fire two initial emails:

  1. To your office and
  2. To your CMS triggering a sequence of emails about Business interruption Insurance.

The emails must be helpful and should not have any hype. For example, a couple of claims situations explaining what went wrong and how it was addressed by your agency. This option is very easy due to the fact that you know where the client came from and this is why each page should only address one and ONLY 1 segment.

  • The page must have an article about the biggest potential problem a butcher (the business owner) might have. For instance “Blackout” No power – resulting ” the stock is written off”.

    How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance WHY

    How-to-sell Business Interruption Insurance addressing the biggest problem



The article should explain that your agency is happy to offer 6 months FREE Business Interruption Insurance policy if the client is buying 6 or 12 or 18 months Business insurance and your agency is topping it up by an additional period of cover.

The article should start from:

  • Problem – in this instance problem being premiums.
  • Unveil potential problem of not having business interruption insurance for the business – since you know who your potential client is – it is really easy. (A Butcher).


This is exactly how to address the biggest objection – cost or premiums. The article shows that your agency is happy to help your prospective clients yet they also have to play their part.

 can create articles and all necessary illustrations for your next marketing campaign. We specialise in “Done for you” marketing service for insurance agencies. You would only have to concentrate on your clients while we make your best insurance marketing funnel.