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clickstosale.com serves 21st_century practicable businesses. The ones who value clients and serve their needs by treating sales as epic moments of relationships. Our team wants to be your partner if you want your clients to understand what you can do for them. We want to help your business to build your sale story.
Our specialists know how to help your prospective clients to consume information about your company’ product offers.  We create custom build funnels to indirectly lead your prospective clients to buy your services by using stories, illustrations, and animations.

Clicks to Sale Education

#The best insurance sale story

Have you noticed all the best sales stories usually written in past tense? Would you want to write one? What if we say you can write a new sale story every day…imagine unlimited possibilities for your business.

There are many ways of how information can be delivered. Many ways of how information gets consumed. At clickstosale.com we think all information about your business should be provided to your prospective clients in the most helpful way -by educating your prospects about how you as the business help your clients.

Your best sale story is about how your client’s life became better by using your products. This is the best sale story on it own and we write and market it for your business through digital media.

We help your prospective clients to discover your business and join the conversations. Conversations they already have about problems your business can solve. By developing your sales stories for each product which allow your digital visitors to have “A-HA” moments once they glance at your digital resource.

Digital media analytics allows us to know exactly who reads what. How your prospective clients respond and share information about your business. Most importantly it allows us to plan your next marketing campaign in the most efficient way. Your business would only spend the necessary amount of money on advertising to get the highest return on investment.

Have you ever thought about how many clicks you have to go through to buy a new book on Amazon?

Just a few… right? What about your products? Would that be as easy?

What if we take a step back and ask you something even more important – How many visitors do come to your website to buy from it?

Would you as the business owner want to know what your digital visitors are looking for when they land on your website?

What if your prospective client lands on your website would he or she see a modern well of knowledge or a boring halfway corporate look of digital junk?

What about your lead magnets – do they look easily recognizable? How hard for your prospective clients to grasp the offer you are communicating through? Do they see the benefits at the first glance?

Our modern life has loads of clicks and some of them lead to sales. At clickstosale.com we understand that you want as many clicks leading to sales as possible and we help you to get it.

We believe we can help you to make our world a better place for all of us. At clickstosale.com we can help you to address your information through:

Digital sales points.

Social Media Marketing.

Video Marketing.

Our proposition is simple – we look after your digital marketing with our “all done for you service” and you concentrate on what you can do the best- sales completions.

We pump ready to buy prospects into custom build sales funnels while you provide first class service in buying experience to your clients.

Internet marketing - Funnel of Knowledge

 A Good sale story sells…a bad story does not

At clickstosale.com we know stories sell – in fact, it is easy to sell something with a good story. Each and every story needs to be accompanied with a few illustrations and/or animations. “A picture worth a thousand words” – this is not new, right? And certainly, we are not trying to be original with this statement.
We know that there are so many products which have to be communicated with illustrations or even better with a few animations. Look at the examples below:
Both images were designed for re-marketing:

internet marketing example 1internet marketing example 2

What do you think which image had delivered a better result? Keep in mind – results mean SALES.

Which image do you think makes prospective clients “click”? Would you agree with – the image they relate to would write the best sale story to the business.

Our tools:

We use our tools and expertise to grow your sales. We can create your new website or a social media marketing plan with followed implementation.

Social media is full of your prospective clients. Facebook provides you with so much information about people who want to buy from you. Trust us – they do (!) they only do not know it yet.

Would you agree the majority of professional websites do look tedious with all those stock photos …of happy people brainstorming something… God only knows what. Often you see the same photo on unrelated websites in one the photo is showing AA meeting and on the other participating community group…. It looks like decoration from one play is being used for another. Often pictures do not communicate the value of the products.  Or even look so out of the context that it makes the visitor worry about the mental health of the business owner.

Each and every product has an audience – for instance, Business insurance for accountants and Business insurance for builders have two different groups of prospective clients yet often you see both those products advertised on the same web page. Not to mention that the products are also very different.

Geographical location

Geographical location – this is about where your prospective clients live not necessary work and wise verse. We do understand that this can be confusing but what if we told you that your cheapest business insurance lead comes from a residential area, on Sunday afternoon… would you be surprised?  This comes down to two things:

  1. Right advertising campaign which is structured for highest ROI.
  2. Your website being ready to collect information in order for your business to fire back a quote at 9 AM on Monday morning.

We use our tools and expertise to grow your sales. We can create your new website or a social media marketing plan with followed implementation.

Illustrations: Social media marketing is all about pictures, photos, and fun. Now, what if we want to talk about children trauma insurance policy – what would you show as an illustration? Happy kids? Or something else? We think it is easier to create a custom illustration with local touch followed by a story to back up the illustration.

There is one more example:

Your local accounting practice wants to work with Landlords. You know that your prospective landlords (investors) live in all wide Australian territory.  Yet the clients you are after originally from New Zealand. Would you use a cheesy stock photo of people holding their hands forming roofs or would you communicate the area of your interest with the right title to address desired clients? Look at the illustration below – each and every person who has an investment property in New Zealand would recognize the problem the illustration addresses – Earthquakes. If the story this illustration accompanies would clearly explain the benefits your prospective clients can get by using your accounting practice – you would have an endless supply of Kiwi investors. Those ones who live in Australia.

At clickstosale.com we understand that there is no way we can get tangible results in a day and this is the reason we work on retainer basis where we look after your marketing for at least 12 months. We guarantee your full satisfaction to the level where we even happy to put “Money back guarantees” on some of our risky suggestions.


Animations: from our childhood, we are trained to consume information in the form of anime story. As we become adults nothing changes we still in love with animation. If you need proof – think about a movie “Avatar”.

Below you can see a short animation:

Target audience: Women

Need: Tree pruning

Solution:  a simple website with an easy to download photos from a mobile phone.

Watch the video – it is created with one goal in mind – to show how easy it is to prune a tree in the garden.

Would you agree it is time for us to know each other a little bit better?  By now you know a lot about us please complete our questionnaire below so that will know more about your business.

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