Build Your Questionnaire

Why do you need to build your FINANCIAL Services Sales Funnel questionnaire for your agency or your website?

Imagine… your website does exactly what it is designed to do –it collects the information your website visitors provide. Then emails it to you (or your office) even when you sleep…this is what we at call “a digital sales person”.

Once the information is received by your office, your team can work with the information and provide your WEBSITE visitor with REAL HELP.

YOU can do your part of the deal – fire back a quote or email to ask for a specific piece of information…or simply PHONE the prospect. The reason for all of the above is simple – the client is “already sold”, realistically – the client simply want to BUY.

Is it too good to be true?

The video below is going to show “How a specifically build questionnaire works”.

We recommend to each agency or a practice owner to build a specifically designed Sales Funnel questionnaire. This tool is going to provide your business with many leads. Once again, keep in mind it would work even when you play golf.

Read on to learn how we can build your Sales Funnel questionnaire.

We take:

  1. A product
  2. Typical questions
  3. The desired outcome

For instance: You want to increase sales of business interruption insurance. Please refer to this post where we discuss “How to sell Business Interruption insurance”. We take all the questions from an application form and convert it into a specifically build questionnaire. The desired outcome in this instance is to make it “desirable” for the visitor to complete the form- like the one below:

Sales Funnel questionnaire to sell Site Cover insurance

Visualise this: a visitor spends a few minutes on your website reading about the solution to the problem you offer. Answers all the questions and pushes “Get a Quote” button… Once again -The visitor has just provided you with all the answers …(we call it magic) at this point we really want you to think about your valuable time– yet you do not even know about the visitor YET. In one minute you receive a fully completed proposal with all information you need to know – the only step for you to do is to prepare a quote and get in touch. Powerful?

Imagine: The only thing for you to do is to prepare and email a quote in accordance with the received information. Even better a finished product (if possible to complete the sale) in accordance with the clients’ specifications. Once again a product- specifically built for your customer… without even a meeting with the customer…All the work is actually done for you by your Sales Funnel questionnaire.

There are plenty of examples on the Internet, yet please allow us to provide you with this example:

The site is sharpened to sell Building site insurance.

How does a custom build questionnaire works?

This website was specifically designed to sell construction insurance. It is active and produces leads for advisers from Genesis FS, Auckland, New Zealand. You can click the link above to see how Sales Funnel questionnaire works or watch the video below.

Customer audience for the website:  all those people in New Zealand who just about to start building new architecturally designed homes. Read again – people who actually have plenty of money –and pretty savvy on the Internet– they turn to Google or Bing to find an answer for their complex insurance question: -Where to buy a building site insurance.

In New Zealand if you want to build a house there are basically two pathways:

  • Is to build your new home with a well-known building company such as J. Gardner Homes
  • To build your new home with your own team of architects & builders.

What is really interesting is the first option suitable for all those guys who want to “pay & forget” Where the second is for those ones who do not mind to spend an extra $100,000 to build a DREAM home. From an insurance agent’ point of view, the second group of people is exactly what you want.

Sales Funnel questionnaire turns honey into money

Here you can look at the page of ASB bank recommending this type of insurance policy).

Important to understand – this type insurance is widely recommended by all those professionals our hero has talked to, prior even taking the decision about a building. The only thing to do was to create a simple website and install Sales Funnel questionnaire which collects all the information about the building project and as the result – our insurance agent receives a fully completed insurance application. Once the application is received our agent can call the prospect to complete the sale or email back requesting additional information. Either, or the whole process guarantees that the agent only gets involved once the client submits an application.

The actual ability of the website to collect all the information our agents need to receive is built around a personalised questionnaire.  We call it Sales Funnel questionnaire – due to the fact that it does collect the info and pre-qualifies the prospect.

Now imagine what you could achieve with your website… there is literally no limits.. once you have your website page with a custom build Sales Funnel questionnaire it becomes a digital sales person. This sales person does not need to sleep while you do.

Below in the video, you can watch how a “prospective client” answers all the questions and submits a completed questionnaire.

Please get in touch if you want a Sales Funnel questionnaire customised for your needs.  We will even install it for you on all the pages you want.