Insurance sales optimisation

The best method to insurance sales

Using increase insurance sales optimisation process can be a daunting experience and frankly there is no one “fits all” answer. Yet in order for us to get a clear pathway let’s look at a few steps you can take to straight away implement winning strategies for your insurance business.

Increase insurance sales optimisation process is agile

Where to start?

  1. Website.
  2. Customer Relationship Management system.
  3. Email marketing.
  4. Push notifications.
  5. Call centre.
  6. Social media

In this article, we are going to address the heart of modern marketing “The agency website”.  The article is full of screenshots and how to increase insurance sales methods- the old ones and new ones.

Insurance agency marketing “OLD” way.

The majority of financial and insurance advisers are good at what they do. Yet only a few are good marketers. Many prefer to rely on old “techniques” or so-called “activities” which include but are not limited to:

Cold calls– many will fail. The reason we say many will fail is simple – vast majority of advisers know it does not work but they don’t know any better. Therefore – the cycle repeats itself.

Door knocking– to say “Hi” to existing clients to ”by the way”  promote an additional product.

Attending networking meetings.

Have you as an insurance agent ever tried to join a networking organisation? If yes you know how hard this can be. After a few attempts you know if you were a plumber or a sparky or even an IT guy or a Beauty girl – you would not have such a problem. Yet as a financial adviser you have to kiss “goodbye” a lot of doors.  If you lucky you would get in, pay a hefty amount of dollars for the “membership” to make a few thousand dollars out of the referrals.


This one is as good as the others above. Our office was “sponsoring” Auckland Boat Show for a number of years. The idea was to “promote” our insurance services to all visitors of the show with a completion of a free survey with a big ticket item as the prize. In return, visitors had to supply their name, email and mobile number. Most importantly they had to choose and “tick” what sort of insurance they were interested in. By now you most likely thinking – “How did it work?” If you are not going to take into consideration:

  • Time effort. Meaning a number of hours being spent on the phone to produce yet the same outcome as with cold calls. Correction here – people did agree to receive a call from our office and they somehow indicated that they want to discuss a particular type of insurance product.
  • This type of activity (well as well as all the others) is highly inefficient.
  • Cost. The cost of sponsoring of this show was so huge that if you convert it into real deal promotion return would be ten times higher.

Have we actually sold much? We did. We sure did – not perhaps as much as we wanted to but enough to keep ourselves as sponsors for the next year. (The cycle is going on).

All of the above is sound familiar?

If yes – please keep reading. If not look for something you eye is going to catch – there is plenty in this post to learn from.

In the past …( a long time ago past). Back in ancient Egypt people used to cover themselves in ashes to show that they do regret of something had happened. Usually, t was a loss of loved one or something similar nature. The point here – All of the above “been” completed by the author of this post and the point of listing it all is: – if you still do it – STOP. Stop doing all of the above- IT JUST DOESN’T WORK. There is a better way of generating insurance leads for your business.

Have you noticed: .-Sometimes you even think to yourself: – all those people who actually say it works (cold calls, networking, door knocking) – have they ever tried to get it done themselves? The true answer is “NOT sure” they do teach you to do it yet would never do it themselves (again). They had possibly tried, failed, learned – moved on.

There is light at the “end of the tunnel”. Insurance sales optimisation “Old way”

Would you agree – all those “insurance marketing methods” had been passed through by generations of insurance agent? The best tool most of those” guys and girls” had in the past at their disposal been an analogue rotary phone. Even now you could hear at conferences about “old good days” and how “fun” it was to take turns at cold calls sessions.

A few could allow an ad in the paper. Most of them by that stage had become successful insurance agents.

Majority had to rely on the marketing of the insurance products manufacturers. Think about the situation the industry is in now – those guys who have survived manage their agencies now. Have they changed? Have you?

Later on, in this article, we are going to discuss what you could do now to increase insurance sales numbers.

The point of this article is to show how it was and how it can be

Once upon a time the author of this article was a member of one of the biggest insurance agencies in Auckland. Below is a screen shot taken in 2017 of the agency website. This website has not really changed much for the last 5 years.

insurance sales optimisation how not to

No clients? Yet wonder why?

As you can see – this is an ordinary website of an extraordinary insurance agency in Auckland, New Zealand. The agency is the second largest production group for one of the biggest insurance companies in Australia & New Zealand.

Would you agree the website looks like millions of others? Do you see any hint of insurance salesmanship on the site?

There is no need to say that this website had never produced a single lead. Most likely it was never visited by a prospective client.

THE “Why”. Why was the website NEVER visited by a prospective client?

The answer is simple- there is no helpful information on the website.

Point 1.

Your website MUST solve your website visitor problem. Remember “a drill and the hole” idiom? People buy drills to make holes. In the insurance world, people buy insurance to avoid future POSSIBLE problems. They have to be addressed.

Point 2.

If you have been in the business long enough you know there is no “cookie- cutter” approach in insurance sales. It does possibly exist in cars insurance sales yet there is still too many variables. If you want to be ATTRACTIVE to your future clients you have to address the problems of a specific group of people. For

For instance, mortgage insurance – is for people who have mortgages. On the top of it, the easiest group of people to sell this type of product to is “business owners”. Due to the fact that they do understand

Due to the fact that they do understand the value of insurance sooner to compare to the guys who work “for the man”. Even better if you as the insurance agency owner can tight it up to a separate policy which can be used as a lead generator. For example, a good lead generator is a public liability policy – which is a must have for business owners. Here you can read about how to construct a lead funnel.

Point 3.

“Being helpful online” in DIGITAL era means business opportunities. Read this post How to market an insurance agency in 2017.Each and every category of your clients face potential problems. If you address those problems online – you are going to win many clients hearts.  It can be done by creating and using stories supported by applicable to the story illustration.

My client’s digital journey

Look at your client’s journey – can you see a pattern? Most of your clients follow the same product’ path when they choose a product. If you to turn this path into a story – you would end up with a helpful blueprint.

The “blueprint” must be public.

In the past, it was a literally impossible task to achieve. The Internet has changed it ALL FOREVER.

Now every insurance agent has the ability to have a website on his own. Why is it better to have your own? Your website cannot be taken from you – it is your property. If you decide to change an agency or even a manufacturing company you are tight too – you would take your website with you.

As an agency owner – you better encourage your agents to have personalised blogs or better websites. Their websites should be linked to your agency website making it a portal for everyone. Most importantly your agency website has to be a well of information for your agency clients.

Treat your agency’ website like a map for your clients. Your agency clients have to be able to land on your website and “see” a sign saying

“You Are Here”

They should be able after a few seconds find themselves in a familiar territory – all due to the text of the article and illustrations.

A Map of the journey. Imagine you are in Brisbane, Australia. You want to find a building – would you open a map or knock at doors to find your path? Is the answer obvious right? Why then your website has to be so complicated? Interestingly enough why is it so difficult to buy a policy a visitor wants? Why the majority of insurance websites do not relate to their client’s situations?

Imagine your website: Your potential clients land on your website. Read a story about a situation they are in and have an offer from you. Sounds too good? This is exactly how it should be. Even more, if they visit your website – they are able to provide you with all the information you must have in order to sell a product.

Your website must fulfil two objections:
  • Present a story of a client. That’s right. The story the client is in or is going to be in if …For instance, your clients are property investors- look at this post how to sell landlord insurance. Landlord policy can be used as a lead magnet with all the other insurance products to sell later. The biggest problem a property investor has in the residential market is amphetamine usage – why not to address the problem. Compare landlord insurance market and offer a solution?

    insurance sales optimisation Landlord insurance

    Insurance sales optimisation address the problem your visitors have

  • Make the reader choose you as the insurance agent or the agency. In other words show to your reader that you are the best match for their needs. You are the wizard and you have the magic powder to make all the problems to disappear.

Would you want to know more how people make choices? Watch the webinar click the link now. It is just great and would definitely be helpful.

How can you get more people to choose you?

Once the two objections above are answered on your website your visitors have one most important goal to complete and this is to become your clients. This is called “conversion”. Look at this article to learn about “5 conversion sequences must haves” yet for the sake your reading time your website landing page must have:

The MECLABS Conversion Sequence Heuristic is part of a patented repeatable methodology (patent number 8,155,995) developed by Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS (parent company of MarketingExperiments).



  • C is the probability of the conversion.
  • M motivation of the user
  • V – Force of the value proposition
  • i-Incentive to buy (additional value to take the action NOW)
  • F – friction elements at present
  • A -Anxiety element at present

Use Google keyword planner to increase insurance sales

If you are new to the Internet marketing Google Keyword planner is the best tool you can dream of.

This is a clear path how to make your visitors to:

  • Find your website
  • Buy from your website.

You as the insurance agency owner only have to do your keywords search- this simply to look what exactly your potential clients are looking for online.

Look at the illustration below to understand the potential internet marketing provides. Once you stop doing what others are doing. A website to be jealous about is only a few months away.

insurance sales optimisation using Google

insurance sales optimisation using Google

All of the above was possible only due to Google keyword planner.

To bring potential clients to the website is hard enough yet you also have to make them buy from you or from the website. Yet this is a different topic.  This is where your website must have a funnel- a funnel your potential clients are happy with.

In conclusion,

Finally, this is a question we want to ask you; – Would you trust a guy who read a book or who written a book? The Same philosophy applies. If you need help with your increase insurance sales please do complete the form below to get in touch.

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