How to sell Landlord insurance

A few Landlord insurance policies a day

This article is going to show how to sell Landlord insurance to Australian property investors. Or even anywhere in the world same tactics will apply.

The majority of insurance agencies have a few common problems:

  1. How to make leads creation consistent
  2. How to make clients come to the agency
  3. How to identify clients for a particular insurance product

“How to sell landlord insurance” is for insurance agents who want to sell more insurance policies. Important to note that a Landlord insurance policy is a great lead magnet which helps you to sell in addition to at least two house insurance policies. This article is going to address all three problems listed above. It is also aiming to provide you with an actionable checklist for a rapid implementation.

Starting from “How to identify clients for a particular insurance product” with property investors or so-called “Landlords” it is really easy. One option you can advertise in  Australian Property Investor magazine under section “Finance”. This step guarantees your target audience. Secondly, you could make a few thousands of cold calls to all local property management companies to offer your service. Unfortunately, in both situations, you are bound to call it “quits” and move to some other types of activities – for instance, referrals building.

Are referrals bad for business?

Referrals, if you sell insurance are always good and it is really hard not to agree with the statement. Yet referrals, in fact, are very bad for your business- they do consume a lot of your time to produce a hardly noticeable result. Many insurance agents so hung up on referral building exercises to the point where they actually start to believe in it. We at say take referrals as rewards as something to remember yet stop treating referrals like a business channel.

Investment Burning house "How to sell landlord insurance"

An Investment Burning house How to sell landlord insurance

How to sell Landlord insurance using the Internet 

Imagine a scenario: from today, you have decided to trade all your time you spent talking about referrals to website building activities. We at think and can proof to you that by the end of your first twelve months period you would end up with one of the best insurance websites in the industry in your local area. For instance Brisbane Landlord Help insurance website.

Insurance companies are very good with identifying a consumer niche.

Look at your products offer – you have plenty of insurance products. All the products you have for sale are built with a particular consumer niche in mind. For instance “Landlord insurance”. This product is built for Australian investors if you only sell insurance in Australia.  This means all heavy lifting was already done for you and there is no need to create anything else.

There are plenty of products in insurance world which have a lot wider consumer segment. For instance: Liability products – it can be Public Liability insurance for builders and Public Liability insurance for electricians. Even the product is the same the actual niche for an insurance company is Tradespeople. Yet for your agency, there are actually two niches.

What majority of insurance companies in Australia and around the world really fail to do is to teach insurance agents how to address clients’ problems to the benefit of insurance agents themselves.

How to make clients come to you asking to sell them Landlord insurance

What makes people buy? We at limit ourselves with two options for the answer:

  • A desire
  • A problem

In our insurance world, it is really hard to sell insurance products using clients desire to possess something, yet it is possible. Would you agree it is your job as an insurance agent to make a prospective client to want something out of your insurance magic box by showing why they need a particular product?

“WHY” is magic. If you can answer all why – your prospect buys.

Yet as insurance salespeople we know if people wanted to buy an insurance product like they do want to buy a new cell phone we would be at least on three-month vacation.

What would you say if we tell you that majority of people actually DO WANT TO BUY INSURANCE?

The do want to buy insurance. They possibly do not want to buy insurance products from you but we are going to address it later.

A problem is the best seller.

Our human brain is wired to protect what we have. WE are happy to think about future and about all those possibilities yet we treat them with so much scepticism that we became our best enemy of innovation.

Once you present a problem and package it in a very consumable piece of information our brain makes us consume that piece of information and action on it only due to the fact that our brain is PROGRAMMED on survival.

Always start with a PROBLEM.

Think about problems landlords have. Would you agree the biggest one in the 21st century is the drug use? Specifically “P” or amphetamines.

How to sell landlord insurance by addressing a problem

Tenants “couple” “P” users “How to sell landlord insurance”

Now, if your website has 52 articles about “Problems” property owners have – your website will have as much popularity as a local library. People would flock to your website to look how to sort their problems.

So far we have addressed:

  • How to identify clients for a particular insurance product
  • How to make clients come to you

It is time for us to discuss How to make lead creation consistent.  Once again imagine that you already spent 50 hours on your insurance website creating all those articles about your landlords’ problems using our illustrations to make your articles irresistible to consumers. Your website is full of information your visitors can relate instantly.

Your website can work tirelessly 24 hours 7 days a week – the point here is you can play golf and your website sells.

Illustrations. Do not use stock photos unless the photo clearly shows the problem you are addressing in your article. We recommend to use our illustrations for two reasons:

  • We do sell them (with a smile)
  • Your visitor, in this case, your landlord would relate to an illustration better and faster plus an illustration can be customised for your brand, local situation or even with you being in the illustration. A stock photo does not provide all you with such a luxury.

Finally, you have to advertise your services. Yet this is a different topic and we will address how to advertise your insurance agency to property investors in a different article.


The majority of insurance agencies do not advertise.  And do not address problems their prospective clients have. We hope our article “How to sell Landlord insuranceIf” has demonstrated to you that by addressing problems your audience has you will sell more insurance.

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