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This is where you should start if you want to have free unlimited insurance leads in Australia.

Think about a method which is once executed and maintained would provide your agency with an endless supply of insurance leads. A method if you knew you would only employ. We are going to look at newspapers & magazines, radio & television and the Internet as platforms for insurance leads generation.

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Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia “Marketing Weapons

Newspapers as a platform of free unlimited insurance leads in Australia?

To start, let’s take newspaper advertising for example. Would you want to advertise in a newspaper? If you say “yes” think again. “Yes” is actually the wrong answer. Unless you are one of those guys who believes in the power of repetition. Newspaper adverting in the true sense as we know it does not work for insurance leads generation.  It does not really make any difference how many times your prospects see your advertisements. Most of them just do not buy insurance policies in relation to newspaper advertising.

People who see your ads and don’t respond to them do it for their own reasons and 99.9% of the time your agency doesn’t play any role in it. This happens when your ad doesn’t make any connection with the right audience.  Insurance companies have managed to figure it out a long time ago… and the amount of commissions insurance companies pay is the true reflection of it.

2 reasons why newspapers are the wrong platform for insurance leads generation

Firstly – people do not respond to newspaper advertising only due to the fact ‘No one likes to see a crappy looking ad” in the paper. The only person who would respond to it is actually someone with a history of an open heart surgery and the liver transplant. (Hint here, if you are in General Insurance business – that person would not be able to get a new life insurance policy of any kind due to medical history.)

Secondly, this is where we want to ask you something. What is someone trying to achieve by taking a newspaper? If you think to check local ads – please think again. People want to read stories.  Stories about people, even about companies and sadly some of us like to read necrology sections. They also want to look at pictures – pictures work as attention grabbers.

If insurance leads were so easy to generate insurance companies would advertise in newspapers and or magazines. Employ call centers to complete sales. If you were in the industry long enough you know this is exactly as it used to be in the past. Now, due to the complexity of insurance products a call center is not the answer anymore for the majority of policies on the market.

Radio as a platform of free unlimited insurance leads in Australia?

Radio, in reality, has a similar outcome. Often an insurance company would advertise on the radio only to be able to report to the board that marketing budgets were successfully applied. A small point here do you think a board of an insurance company checks ROI on advertising and even compares it from one year to another?

Radio advertising is expensive. In average you would spend at least $1,500 a month with an annual contract in place with 6 to 8 of 30 seconds spots. If radio as a channel is so good for advertising -how often do you hear Coca-Cola adverts on the radio?

Television as a platform of free unlimited insurance leads in Australia?

Moving on to television advertising. This one is EXTREMELY expensive and frankly out of reach for the majority of insurance agencies. Yet big insurance companies employ the channel. It is hard to conclude how profitable to run television ads for insurance companies – again ROI as above. Most of the time a good ad would introduce a story and this is exactly what people want. If however, an insurance company does not want to spend lots of money on production of ads the company simply “sponsors” a program.

Channel 9’s The Voice finale earlier this year called for $150,000 for a 30-second spot, an industry insider tells

Is insurance SOLD not Bought…really? When 20 years ago?

Many insurance people would say “insurance is SOLD not Bought” not true again. People do not buy an insurance policy. Our clients buy a piece of mind. Insurance customers buy insurance in order to avoid the even bigger cost and regrettably agree to pay a fraction of the cost for a fraction of possibility in exchange for the promise “if something goes wrong” they would be reimbursed for losses.

Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia

Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia by addressing problems

“Reviews” as a platform of free unlimited insurance leads in Australia?

Insurance companies often say – “It is all about dollars – THEIR (competitor) premiums are cheaper this is why customers switch -WRONG (again). In real life situation when do clients check the premiums they pay? On a renewal notice- everyone knows it. How do insurance customers check what is “out there”?  In the past, it was a review with a competing agent.  Nowadays they run online checking tools or similar platforms.

Cheapest premiums do not make any business sense and this is why insurance companies created endless lists of features – do make sure that there is no a simple way to compare a policy back to back.

There is a way of how you could implement reviews into your insurance leads funnel yet we better address it later as a part of the offer provides.

It is time for us to reveal a method your agency must employ.

The Internet as a platform of free unlimited insurance leads in Australia?

The Internet has provided every company and every individual with answers to their problems. Every insurance agency now can be a media company. Producing its own helpful content for the benefit of their clients.

Most importantly, the Internet provided us (the insurance people) with Social media. Social media allows us to talk to people we as the business want to talk to.  Finally, we have the ability to run our advertisements ONLY in front of people we need as prospects. For instance only builders. Or only people with mortgages. Or only property investors. You name it – social media has it all.

This is where the rubber hits the road. Many insurance agencies do not do it in the right way.

Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia

Right audience by Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia

What is the right way?

You are the best person to answer this question. Let us rephrase it: When you check something on the Internet?

Most of the time when you have a problem – right? Or you want to know something …or you read a newspaper or watch YouTube channel you like. If you feel like you have a few minutes to check what is going on with your friends – you check Facebook’ newsfeed.

Facebook has become a source many people go to when they search for answers. In 2015 people were Google things now in 2017 some of them Facebook it.

Where to start?

Your insurance agency website- does it have many problems sorting articles?

What about your social media does it have many suitable illustrations addressing problems your prospective clients have?

There two options for your insurance agency:

  • Do it all in-house. Frankly 10 years ago it was possible to employ a marketing manager – the GURU. Now with a number of expected activities not anymore. Your agency has to employ a team of professionals and they are not cheap.
  • Employ an outside agency. The agency better is familiar with financial services and offer full service. Full-service meaning developing problem sorting articles. Highly responsible social media posts. Illustration creation. Animation creation. Email campaigns. Employing retargeting and remarketing to ensure you have as many leads as you need.

The choice is literally ALL YOURS.

There is something else to take into consideration. Would you agree the Internet is not going anywhere – it is here to stay for good until the next big thing. Unless it happens you have to be in the business.

Interestingly to note – the big thing was an introduction of telephone- just not really that long ago, radio and television now we have the Internet. All of the above yet in use.

What about your agency (if you are in Life insurance business) do you have following problems in your business:

Ageing client base

A number of lapses are greater to compare to the number of new business written

If you are in general business do you notice the number of new policies is decreasing?

Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia using SMM

Free unlimited insurance leads in Australia using SMM

We at have a solution to all your problems. This solution is like a magician’s wand – we provide you with our “done for you” service.

On the offer:
  • Develop and write customised for your agency problem sorting articles addressing problems your clients want to sort. Even problems they do not even know of yet.
  • Write and engage your audience with highly responsible social media posts.
  • Create and publish your branded Illustrations.
  • Animation creation. Would you agree many insurance situations are too expensive to create? This is where animation comes in. We create your branded animations featuring your insurance agency.
  • Email campaigns. Employing retargeting and remarketing to ensure you have as many leads as you need.
  • We create leads generating funnels for all your most profitable insurance policies you have on offer.

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