as the service provider and/or subscription or subscription for services Terms and Conditions.

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It is an important part of your agreement with and is valid from the date you signed up for this product and until one of the parties terminates the agreement.

Information regarding pricing of your subscription can be found on the duplicate copy of your signup document. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

1. Your use of our online platform for services:

1.1 Your program subscription comes with access to our online learning platform/s and free use of our tools. This agreement is intended for the use of ONE Client (‘You’) and comes with an additional registered log-in for your nominated support person (i.e. a Non-Client) if required.

1.2 By mutual agreement, you may wish to include additional support person in the program, and they are also governed by all terms in this agreement. The cost of including additional support professionals in the program will be disclosed to you prior to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 It is important that you understand that these log-ins enable you to the use and access of our intellectual property.

Should you knowingly provide the log-ins and or material to additional persons in breach of this agreement, you acknowledge and accept financial responsibility for their participation in our programs.

Whilst operates on the values of trust and partnership with you, we also reserve the right to monitor the fair use and distribution of our intellectual property and hard work.

1.4 It is important you understand that

a) Your subscription will not be valid unless and until accepts your registration,

b) You must ensure that any login details provided to you and your team remain secure and confidential,

c) You are entirely responsible for all use, activities and charges associated with or arising from any use of login details provided to you and your team (regardless of whether you authorised such use),

d) Each login provided to you and your team members must be used by a single user only and must not be shared, e) any attempt to login with a username and password that is already in use will cause the account to be logged out,

f)  You must notify immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of a login provided to you or a team member.

1.5 may (but has no obligation to) monitor usage of the online platform through the logins provided to you and/or your business (including but not limited to concurrent usage of username and passwords) and may take any action it deems appropriate, including immediately terminating your subscription, if any of the ‘Subscription Terms & Conditions’ listed in this document are breached.

2. Changes of subscription, payment of charges:

2.1 Unless stated otherwise by, in order to purchase a service or product, you must arrange a regular Direct Debit via our online payment gateway.

Yearly subscriptions or one-off payments can be paid upfront via direct deposit; our account details will be provided on your invoice. Valid payments will be processed immediately.

2.2 Unless you notify us otherwise, subscription fees and all other fees and charges associated with your subscription (including, but not limited to, any applicable federal, state, and local taxes) will be billed automatically to the bank account or credit card you provide when registering for the applicable service by submitting your details via our online payment gateway.

If you do not notify us of changes to your billing details, will assume that all of the information related to your account details remains valid and will process all information that it requires for approval.

2.3 If any subscription fees or other charges billed to your account are not processed for any reason, shall have the right to suspend your subscription until such subscription fees or other charges are paid in full. You agree to pay all costs (including legal fees) incurred by in collecting any unpaid subscription fees or other charges from you.

If payment in full is not received from you, reserves the right to cancel your subscription or service.

2.4 Subscription fees will apply whether or not you actually use your subscription.

2.5 Where GST applies, upon payment for online credit by you, will deduct the GST it incurs from each payment and will issue you with a Tax Invoice when requested.

GST means the New Zealand Goods and Services Tax.

3. Termination or cancellation of your subscription:

3.1 Your subscription comes with a minimum engagement period of twelve months unless there is an additional agreement in place.

Subject to any conditions noted in this agreement, you may only cancel your subscription by emailing at the conclusion of this twelve month period. For the purpose of these Subscription Terms, ‘billing date’ means the date in any month that you commenced your subscription (for example, the 15th of each month).

3.2 immediately cancel your subscription, without notice or liability (including for any refund or credit to you), if we determine, acting reasonably, that a) you have breached any portion of these Subscription Terms or b) your use of or access to website(s) violates any applicable law or regulation or otherwise inhibits any other subscriber from using or accessing Sites or any other service offered by

3.3 also reserves the right to cancel your subscription for any reason, provided that we give you written a notice of such cancellation and, in the event of cancellation, pay you a pro-rata refund for the outstanding portion of your subscription.

3.4 may change these Subscription Terms from time to time. If we do, you will be informed by email about our amendments. If you object to any new changes to these Subscription Terms, you may cancel your subscription within 14 days after the changes come into effect. If you do not cancel your subscription within that period, you will be deemed to have accepted all changes and your subscription will continue.

4. Privacy:

4.1 is strongly committed to protecting your privacy when you interact with us and consume our content and use our services. Our goal is to provide you and your business with service, education, information and empowerment which informs and informs you with the specific goal of improving your personal and business outcomes. Sometimes this means that we use personal information that you provide to us about yourself, your business and your clients to customise and improve the value of your experience with

At times this information will fall under the category of ‘intellectual property’ and we take the handling of such information incredibly seriously. In providing our services to you, will be transparent about how and why we collect and use your information. If you do not want us to collect or use your information in a particular way, then we will always give you the opportunity to say so.

4.2 collects your personal information in order to provide you with products and services requested by you, and for secondary purposes related to that purpose. As a subscriber, you acknowledge that we may contact you during the term of your subscription in connection with your subscription and/or with other offers or information that might be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such communications, you can notify by email at

4.3 collects personal information about you because

a) You have provided it to us, for instance, if you have engaged our services or have contacted us by asking us a question, or you have interacted with one of our services (including our online services),

b) because we need it to tailor or provide a service that you have requested, for instance, if you subscribe to an email list, become a member of one of our programs, or require our input on an element (or elements) of your business as a client of, c) because we would like to improve our services, for instance through the collection and analysis of data, d) for purposes directly related to any of the above.

4.4 may use the information to improve the delivery of or customise our service to you.

4.5 may periodically send promotional emails about events, special offers or other information we deem useful or think you may find interesting to the email address which you have provided.

4.6 will never sell your information.

4.7 will never share your business’ intellectual property or client information with any other client, business or party.

4.8 store all client information securely via a centrally controlled and password-protected data storage service.

5. Protection of your personal information:

5.1 will take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that any information you share with us is properly protected from misuse or loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

5.2 is committed to providing innovative and interactive experiences, and to being available to our clients on multiple platforms. Some of those platforms are not operated or controlled by, and our ability to protect your personal information on these platforms is therefore limited.

5.3 We encourage you to be vigilant about the protection of your own personal information when using the third party digital services (such as social media platforms). As far as reasonably practicable, we will make sure that our relationships with those third parties include appropriate protection of your privacy.

6. Cost of Enrollment:

6.1 Where membership of the program includes access to subscription, courses, events or any other related community, these may be governed by additional separate Terms & Conditions which will be provided to you, your team members or referral partners / network members in advance of their agreement to participate in any of these activities.

6.2 Please note that failure to use any of the features of program will not equate to a reduction in the costs associated with the program. 

6.3 The cost of the program depends on which level and/or payment option of the program you select, as specified in the signed document attached.

6.4 Any cost of enrollment offered to you (as a custom variation) which differs from the prices listed in the attached document, will also form part of this agreement.

7. Payment:

7.1 We may choose to take a deposit for your membership in the program, equivalent to one monthly payment for the program option you have selected and representing your application to join one of our groups.

In this circumstance, your enrolment in the program is pending our mutual agreement of its suitability for you, as well as our ability to include you in a suitable group.

7.2 If the product you subscribe has a deposit option: After paying this deposit and prior to us confirming your inclusion in a group or enable you with our service, either party is able to arrange a refund of this deposit. This option is provided on the courtesy basis.

7.3 After paying a deposit, you will be asked to set up an ongoing payment for monthly payments for the program or service level you have selected unless you wish to pay your subscription via a single payment. The establishment of your ongoing or single payment denotes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, acceptance of your enrollment and your membership of the program.

8. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

8.1 Submitting your details and making payment arrangements signifies you have read and accepted all Terms and Conditions and have agreed to form an agreement between and you (the client).

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