5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising

5 Steps successful insurance advertising to make

5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising is for sales insurance professionals. For people who want to be successful in their business.

There two groups of insurance agents:

  • Successful insurance salesman
  • Average insurance salespeople

This article is going to discuss what sets those two groups apart. The goal of the article is to make you evaluate your advertising skills. It is designed to help you to transition from the second group to the first. Even if you are a very successful insurance sales professional this article is going to make some of your positively charged electrons fly through the gray matter and make new connections.

This article is based on work of one of the most known direct advertisers: Victor Schwab. We have taken his principles and adapted it for this article.

Nowadays many people call themselves “Marketers” yet an insurance professional typically is a specialist, who specialises in a specific field of insurance. In order for our insurance salesman to have decent size income, she or he must be a great marketer.

Due to the rapid change of consumer knowledge and increased number of marketing messages our clients are overwhelmed with incoming information. Somehow insurance people ought to make their service message VISIBLE and ATTRACTIVE.

In order to be successful as an insurance agent, you must know how to advertise your services. Even technology has changed principles of how to attract masses to a product have not.

Yet a marketing message has exactly the same structure as it used to have 100 years ago.

5 Steps successful insurance advertising


  1. Get attention
  2. Show people an advantage
  3. Prove it
  4. Persuade People to Grasp this Advantage
  5. Ask for action

5 points above in our view make only a half of the formula success of 5 Steps of successful insurance advertising.

It appears that many insurance agents simply forget to address problems or desires their prospective clients have.

5x5 Steps successful insurance advertising How many clicks to get a lead

5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising asking how many clicks to get a lead

Would you agree there are many people on the market who shout to get some attention?  From each corner, they scream about how successful they are and this somehow is the REASON why someone should buy insurance from them.

Now is time to investigate the second part of 5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising.





72 Facebook Posts

36 Custom


Bing AdWords







Custom Media Plan 





100 Facebook Posts

78 Custom


Bing Adwords







Custom Media Plan 





150 Facebook Posts

108 Custom



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Google AdWords



Custom Media Plan 


Media Plan

5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising.

In order to set the scene please allows us to ask you this question: What do you think -do people buy insurance products spontaneously or is it a thought through a process which usually requires a few comparisons and research?

In any given product market there three groups of customers:

5% early adopters – these are the guys who usually buy something for the sake of buying or they buy something spontaneously. Perfect example here is all those guys who ready to wait all night long to buy a new iPhone.

15% Never buy this product no matter how shiny or powerful that is– these guys and girls buy something else.

There is also 80% of the market who are ready to buy yet they require a careful consideration.

In order for you to address the biggest slice of consumers, your digital marketing MUST address all sorts of considerations the group has. The best way of addressing it is to start your marketing message with a problem your prospective client is trying to solve.

5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising “second part”

  1. The Problem
  2. Way to sort it
  3. How to sort it
  4. Cost of sorting it
  5. Cost of neglect

Each and every piece of marketing should discuss only one problem at a time. Like this article 5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising-  it addresses important points for you to know the answers- 5 Steps of successful insurance advertising. Since you want to know “how to” – you are reading it now.

Same happens with each and every prospective client. Usually, prospects stumble on:

  1. Illustration on the Facebook feed
  2. Article on the Facebook feed
  3. Search engine’ the results page

The above list is given in likelihood. Meaning you have a lot more chances as an insurance professional to bring someone to your website by using a Facebook illustration. The illustration should address the problem and should work as a magnet to make someone click thinking “ME TOO” Followed by a very compelling article about how the problem the visitor has or might have could be sorted.

Look at the illustration to comprehend the power of social media and the importance of using it for 5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising. At clickstosale.com we make numbers look attractive. We have taken data from Pew Research and created this illustration for you. You would also want to check this social media marketing resource for your agency.

5x5 Steps successful insurance advertising with social media

5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising using social media

This article aims to help you to adopt “Problem solving marketing”

“Problems solving marketing”


  • Start with a problem. The problem should be very complex.

We would not recommend thinking about potential problems someone might have due to not having a life insurance policy. Yet problems someone might have due to inability to make mortgage payments – are very real.

You start with a story addressing a situation. For instance, a story of recent divorcee Carol and her struggle due to illness.

  • Way to sort it. This is where you show how a product can sort Carol’s problems.
  • You show how the problems are sorted.
  • You compare and explain different options demonstrating the cost. Do not make it look cheap or affordable – nobody cares about price. The only concern with financial products people have is how the product can help them. Would you agree – you do not care how airbags in your car would work if you are in an accident – the only NEED for you is to KNOW that they will work.
  • The cost of doing nothing. This is the equally important point. Many insurance salespeople forget to use – it is hugely powerful. This is where you helping the prospect to use imagination to push for the product purchase.

We at clickstosale.com hope that you enjoyed this article 5×5 Steps successful insurance advertising.

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